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Thread: P365 extract issues

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    P365 extract issues

    Ran the first 300 rounds through my new P365 today. Wwb cheap stuff.
    7 failures to extract.
    It would then jam when it tried to chamber the next round.

    I also had 3 failures to hold open but I will assume I had my thumb on the slide stop.

    I plan to give the extractor a good cleaning and try some nato rounds as well as some gold dots next.
    I was so excited for this pistol but I am not very hopeful this will become my G26 carry replacement that I wanted it to be.

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    The military arms channel on YouTube has done a cpl videos on the 365 your issues are not isolated seems the 365 is kind of a turd hopefully Glock makes a copy

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    The gun has some fleas, that is hard to dispute.

    I wont consider it for another 9-12 months.

    Typical SIG these days. Release weapon, it has issues, modification, issues, recall, etc, etc.
    - Rhino

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    Mine had the same issues and light strikes. I sent it back to Sig. So far, it has been fine. My P365 was occasionally unreliable until I sent it back. The light strikes were partially fixed by the aftermarket striker. When it began experiencing failures to extract, I sent it back. This was right before the 4th of July. I got it back about 2 weeks later. I still had occasional problems and I decided it was due to an overly tight chamber. I throated the chamber in 3 separate sessions, so I would not over do it. After that, it has been perfect for 300 rounds. I suspect mine is not the only one with an overly tight chamber. I have about 1300 rounds through it now. I donít know that I would recommend the gun, but at least I can say that it is possible to get it running, for now at least. Good luck!
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