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Thread: Task force suggest soldiers in mid 20's are more lethal

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    I started out 11B, did 6 years of it before being forced to 31B for 4 years before I moved out of state and reclassified again to 13F. Now Iím moving back to the Infantry as an HHC 1SG, was a SPC when I took my blue cord off. We shall see how well I do with 12 years of non infantry experience going back in.

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    I dunno, it might not be a bad idea for Infantry guys to do a couple of years as a mechanic, Striker's, Bradley's, light wheels or even commo.
    Infantry guys especially the light are pretty proud of what they do. The other side of that coin is they can be stubborn as F about learning something outside of Infantry stuff sometimes.
    Doing this might be beneficial in ways you can't imagine, coupled with Proficiency Pay, Combat Arms Increased Pay and maybe you'll see an increase in lethality.
    What you will definitely see is a better well rounded Soldier with diverse skill sets.

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