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Thread: Diane Feinstein - Driver was a Chinese Spy

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    I understand, but does it really functionally matter. The far left wing is pissing off the rest of the party and moderates- let them see what they are actually getting.

    The story isn’t in that the driver was there, it was that it was covered up...

    Feinstein covers up ties to Chinese spy....
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    The Democrats have proven themselves incapable of handling national security issues and classified materials.
    Until someone gets charged and punishes this will obviously continue.
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    I just wrote a research paper for college on the 2 party system and found some reallly interesting info. Both parties have been largely hijacked by their most radical minority voters during the local and mid term's which gives the public really poor choices in the presidential elections. It seems though that in 2016 the republicans some how managaed to get the populist candidate where as the democrats managed to only alienate most of their voter's. Really there is zero question that they should have ran bernie. Dragging into 2018 and the dem's are hoping to regain power by going even further left?? Yea Trump is gonna get 80%+ of the vote come 2020.
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