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Thread: Plate Carrier vs Chest rig

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironman8 View Post
    I know y’all have some time doing real things with PC’s, so do either of y’all have any qualms about a PC with a double stack of gear up front? (Double stack meaning two AR mags, an AR/Pistol mag, or mag and gear stacked up)
    I go as flat as possible on the front of work armor as I can without losing my ability to perform the necessary task list.
    That usually means single-depth mags on the front of armor.
    I still maintain that general rule for armor integration of support equipment, but I'll allow a little extra depth since I no longer use a soft backer and my plates are thinner, but it's still pretty thin.
    That said, I still avoid double mag depth, whether 2 rifle or rifle and pistol on the front. Just generally uncomfortable for real world wide-spectrum use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wake27 View Post
    While I hate double stacked mags, I donít feel overly bulky with small admin stuff on top of the mags. Mostly I carry facepaint, compass, multi tool, chem lights, lube, cat crap, and lens cloth for our training events. In an actual scenario Iíd obviously prioritize pistol mags or medical stuff more, but I do have a belt setup that would come out with most of that already set.
    What is "cat crap"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by VARIABLE9 View Post
    Yup. We always have to wear eye pro but it gets dirty very easily when youíre gross as shit and Hawaii can make it fog pretty quickly too. That and the lens cloth are two of my most used items.

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