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Thread: Buffer (and spring?) for 9mm AR 16 barrel no suppressor to mimic a 300 bo

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    Buffer (and spring?) for 9mm AR 16 barrel no suppressor to mimic a 300 bo

    Mods - please move if I’m posting in the wrong forum.

    Weird/odd question

    Could you recommend a buffer for a 9mm AR that would help mimic a future 300 bo sbr shooting heavy subs thru a 10-12” barrel and a can

    9mm AR build Info:
    16 barrel upper (no sbr’s allowed here)
    No suppressor (till I change state)
    “Trainer” for shooting at 50 yards or less
    Planning to use cheap 115-124 gr ammo / reloads

    Ive googled a little and couldn’t really find a “definite” answer, but leaning to a 10oz buffer to make the 9mm AR “boring” (little/light recoil). I assume a 10-12” 300bo shooting heavy subs thru a can has light recoil

    I’ve never shot 300 bo.

    I have a 16” 300 bo upper coming in soon. I also plan to have that build mimic a suppressed 300 bo sbr. I also have a 22lr upper coming in too....maybe that is all I need to mimic a 300 sbr :-)

    Yes, for hd, 556 thru a 16 will do - I’ll just lose some hearing. But when I move, I’m getting several 300 sbrs and a bunch of cans.
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    9mm blowback, especially when using a tngsten weighted bolt and a heavy buffer, doesn’t really mimic a locked breach DI gun. My Colt 635 sbr semi clone moves around alot more than my 5.56 or 300 guns, but I only shoot full power 124gr 9mm nato through it. I really can feel the reciprocating mass move through it (and I have a buffer spacer in it). People that say 9mm ARs recoil less must be shooting 115gr economy ammo, but I don’t feel that.

    I wouldn’t get too worried about trying to guess what your future gun will feel like. Fundamentals are fundamentals, and when you have your future gun set up, the same fundamentals will carry over.

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    I run a JP Enterprises .308 carbine spring and a Blitzkrieg hydraulic buffer.
    It did feel a lot more like a DI gun when I was running a HeavyBuffer 8.5oz buffer
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    Thanks for the advice and info! I got more reading to do

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    And careful with to much buffer weight... while it can tame recoil... it can also move the impulse to the front .

    I tried the 10oz buffer and heavier spring in my 9MM PCC... and the resulting impulse was transferred to closing the breach, slamming it closed very firmly, Muzzle dip was very noticeable, and trying to stay on target was adversely effected.


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