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Thread: Should I switch to a Cold Hammer Forged Barrel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthwestAviator View Post
    I've got a Colt 6920, and am wondering if it's worth switching to an AR (or another upper, but probably new rifle altogether) with a cold hammer forged barrel. I've never had any problems with my Colt but I do wonder if down the road, as I shoot increasing numbers of rounds at a time, I'll wish it had the longevity of a CHF barrel. I like the Colt a lot and it's never jammed, but reading so much about CHF vs button cut (mil spec) has planted concerns in my mind about how long it will last before accuracy starts to degrade. I find myself looking at AR manufacturers who use CHF barrels, but I also don't really want to go through with it unless I determine it's for the best.

    8000 is the number I see a lot concerning the longevity of a mil spec barrel. That doesn't seem like a lot.

    I know the obvious solution is to keep the Colt and get another AR, but that's not really an option for now. I'd have to sell the Colt to fund another gun.
    The standard button rifled barrel will take all the abuse you can give it and beg for more. I've been trying to kill mine for years, I've had it smoking many times, have several thousand rounds through it. It's the same type of barrel the military uses for goodness sake. Stop worrying about whether it's CHF and shoot the hell out of your rifle.

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    I like shoo it until you hate the accuracy and then buy whatever you want. Barrels don’t fail, hey lose accuracy until you decide it is bad accuracy. If you are precision shooting, you may car when accuracy drops 0.1” at 100yds. Most ar shooters are gonna be good with a Colt barrel at 40000 rounds.

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