I sent the following info to SSD as I don't remember seeing it posted but never got a response. Figured I'd share here for the group, my COMTAC IIIs that I bought within the last year are affected. There was a message sent out last week on an official mailing list that I'm a part of for work. I don't have the MILPER message number on hand but I assume it wouldn't be hard to find if you know what you're looking for.

Apparently on 12 July, 3M issued a recall on COMTACs "due to a wiring defect that may affect sound detection and localization capabilities, but does not affect the hearing protector's ability to protect hearing. Product and serial numbers affected include: MT17H682FB-FB (SN: 01-01938); MT17H682FB-09 CY (SN: 57-5831); MT17H682FB-09 FG (SN: 01-11744); MT17H682FB-09 SV (SN: 01-4859); MT17H682BB-09 CY (SN: 06-1024); and MT17H682P3AD-09 SV (SN: 01-0752).

Guidance is to call Peltor CS at a listed number but it rings once and then goes to an automated response saying "all circuits are busy, please try your call again later" which is kind of bullshit. I'll try their normal CS line and hopefully get a response that way.