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Thread: Depression, anger, hypervigilance, loneliness, guilt, addiction

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    Vet Centers are under appreciated.

    No professional would recommend it because tobacco=bad, but I found smoking a pipe is a very relaxing ritual. Less bad than, and may help some people quit or stay quit from cigarettes.

    Quote Originally Posted by sundance435 View Post
    ... the feeling that they "don't get it" when you are with them.
    That is exactly where the loneliness can come from. People around but feeling like nobody really understands you is a lonely place.

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    Good post.

    I wasn't a Police Officer long before I learned what the paths were. None of them looked good. I saw no role models. I was probably too young.

    I got out quickly. I still think it was the right decision for me.

    I now work amongst/with LE but not a LEO. I'm very thankful for the better officers out there.

    Maybe in another place, or time, I would have stayed in. Too bad, I think I had a lot to offer my community, but the community doesn't support the Job.

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