COST $190

PRE-REQUISITE: Students must have attended at least a 1 day carbine class from Stretz Tactical OR another recognized, reputable shooting school and provide proof OR be military/law enforcement/nuclear security.

- Confirmation of Zero
- Markmanship fundementals & drills
- Collecting data for your rifle at 100, 200 & 300 yards
- Standing, kneeling, sitting, prone and alternate shooting positions
- Timed drills
- Stress courses
- & more

Physical requirements: For all tactical classes, students must be able to run short distances & be capable of standing for long periods.

A quality, servicable carbine in 5.56/.223, 300 B.O., 7.62X39 or .308

300 rounds of quality rifle ammo

3 - 5 magazines

An optic is strongly recommended: IE variable powered sight (1-4, 1-6, 1-8) OR a red dot with a magnifier

Bipod OR pack to shoot off

Knee pads (recommended but optional)

Elbow pads (recommended but optional)

Shooting mat (recommended but optional)

Eye and ear protection

A lunch (We will only take a short break in place to eat)

ZEROED WEAPONS We would prefer if you showed up with a zeroed carbine. We will only spend a brief period of time confirming zeros, as this can eat up a lot of training time. We prefer a 100-yard zero, but others are acceptable if you understand your zero.


Spoting scope


Lip balm

Water/ Snacks