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Thread: About to submit Form 1 and have a few, last minute questions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by amac View Post
    I've got 2 copies of each app in my folder. The RPQ and the newer app "to make a firearm" both require a photo. That makes four. I'm not including photo's for the Cleo. Am I missing something?
    Read through the sticky, or read the instructions on the form. If you're filing as an entity, which is the only time you'd use an RPQ, you skip all the yes/no questions and the photo section on the F1/F4 and handle them on the RPQ instead.

    With the RPQ, there are only two copies...one that goes to the ATF with a photo, and one that goes to a CLEO without a photo. There's not another copy that they send back to the applicant, like there is with the F1/F4.

    ETA: see the "Maker's Questions" note right below the CLEO section on page 2 of the Form 1. That's why you skip it. Also see Instruction (2)(d)(3).
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    Read? The instructions? Who has time!?!

    Sum bitch. I'm usually very attentive to details. Clearly I wasn't here. Corrections were easy, but damn, I wasted $20 on pics! And those were good looking pics.
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