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I’ve had one of these installed in a Glock 19 gen 5 now for a couple weeks. I have fired 400 rounds through the 19.5 with this trigger using various drills. For ME personally this trigger does not work well. I have large hands and the way my index finger interfaces with the trigger the trigger safety hits the frame as I press through and causes a “glitch” for lack of a better word. I contacted TD about this issue and was told to use the bottom of the trigger guard as a reference point for correct finger placement, to ensure the safety doesn’t catch on the frame. Using their recommendation does correct the problem, but for me it takes a conscious effort to ensure just the right placement on the trigger. This is a deal breaker for me as I am not willing to swap out all my Glock triggers and train for that very specific muscle memory. For what it’s worth I compared the TD trigger to a standard trigger slow firing at a B-8 standing from 25 yards and could tell no significant improvement in my groupings. As always YMMV.
I had a trigger from Suarez that had the same problem. Contacted them and was told to take a small file and make a few pass on the frame. Apparently, the Glocks does vary on tolerance. The trick worked. The glitch disappeared.

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