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Thread: DD Fixed Iron Sights and Offset Mounts

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    DD Fixed Iron Sights and Offset Mounts

    Iím getting a 1-6 optic and want to offset my iron sights. Has anyone else offset their fixed DD Iron sights? What mounts did you use?


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    Have you looked at the Dueck Defense offsets? I ask this because the DD sights have a large footprint and could be a too much.
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    Check out Griffin Fail Safe Sights while your at it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by titsonritz View Post
    Check out Griffin Fail Safe Sights while your at it.
    I really like the griffin’s
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    The last thing I would want is conventional fixed sights on offset mounts. Too bulky and maybe not perpendicular to the bore. Fixed offset suffer the same bulky problem. Snags soft things and possibly torn off by hard things. I would look at folding offsets. I like the Troys but they don't work with every upper. I mounted both on a 15" KMR handguard and they served their purpose as BUIS but I wouldn't take them to camp Perry. I ended up with lowriders under the scope on a QD mount before I gave up on LPVO all together.


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