They're not listed on IWI's website, but Galil Ace factory SBR's are now available. The part numbers are:
GAR39SBR for the 7.62x39 version
GAR51SBR for the 7.62x51 version
GAR556SBR for the 5.56x45 version

You can search these part numbers on to see who has them available. The 7.62x39 and 7.62x51 versions were first to ship, but the 5.56x45 version is now available.

I have an Ace pistol in 5.56x45 that I have received a stamp for. While I was waiting for the stamp, I found out that IWI isn't yet offering the factory buttstock assemblies and someone at IWI told me they'd be making factory SBR's, so I held off on making it. So, I'll have to cancel the approved Form 1. Meanwhile, I placed an order for one.