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Thread: Looking for 3rd Reich era k98

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    Quote Originally Posted by titsonritz View Post
    Really. Didn't know that.
    They hack up historical rifles to sell as a questionable product. Ive read they also re-stamp stocks and proof marks, but never bothered to look since they suck either way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravo Sierra View Post
    I've been on gunbroker lately looking for a Nazi era k98 and I'm seeing prices from around $700 - $6000. All of them say they retain the the markings so I'm wondering if some manufacturers are more desirable or what? They all seem to be in good shape, just wondering if anyone is knowledgeable on these. Thanks in advance.
    Do some research. K98s are all over the place. The ones around $700 or less are probably going to be Russian captures - nothing per se wrong with them, but waffenamts may or may not be intact on everything and may have additional Russian stamps/marks. For a decent non-capture, you're probably looking at $850 on the low end to $1200 for a nice one. After that, you really need to know a thing or two about them to ensure you're paying a fair price. More than a few have been swindled on 98s by unscrupulous sellers.

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