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Thread: Ruger LCRx 3" 9mm...

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    Ruger LCRx 3" 9mm...

    When are we going to see this? It NEEDS to happen.

    It would be even better if the cylinder were cut down to COAL and the barrel brought back to meet it.

    9mm does great in short barrel revolvers.
    Militart arms channel has a vid about this right now.

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    I would be interested to see one, like say a small frame 9mm with an 8 round cylinder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akwalk View Post
    ......say a small frame 9mm with an 8 round cylinder.
    That might be a challenge to figure out.

    An 8-round 9mm cylinder is 1.71" diameter, which is N-frame territory.
    By contrast, a 7-round cylinder is 1.56"
    A 6-round cylinder is 1.45".
    A 5-round cylinder is 1.31"
    I would prefer a 6 shot cylinder over a 5. I don't know if I would go as far as an 8-round

    The cylinder -could- be reduced in length considerably (vs the usual 1.73 - the 9mm could lop off 1/2") but to make an abbreviated gun will require a frame/yoke/trigger design dedicated to support the short cylinder if this were to go from conceptual to functional or very little has been gained.

    And there is still the nuisance of moon-clips vs the somewhat inconsistent extractor groove diameter found on 9mm brass; even within the same brand sometimes.

    As mentioned previously, the lack of a roll crimp on the 9mm means that bullet creep in a carry-weight revolver is non-trivial. It could be a stoppage issue with a cylinder that is barely longer than the COL of the 9mm.

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    Lightweight 9mm revolvers are prone to pulling bullets

    They have more recoil than .38 with common practice loads.

    Moon clips are a pain to deal with and sometimes cause light-strikes until you get the right match of casings and clips.

    I'm not interested.

    9mm is cheaper than .38 if you don't reload, so there's that.
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