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Thread: KAC SR15 11.5" vs LMT 12" CQBPS

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    I currently have an lmt mrp 10.5 upper and the current version of the KAC CQB SBR. The KAC is on one of my factory lmt lower while waiting for the lower to clear ATF.

    In the past I had an lmt mrp 12.5 piston. I did not care for it for a number of reasons. It's heavy! There's a lot of moving parts and when shooting it it feels like all of them are moving in different directions at once. In other words, it is not smooth at all.

    By contrast, the KAC CQB upper is much, much smother and lighter. It's an all around better product and it's not just my dislike of the piston. I still have one 10.5 mrp and it just sits in the safe. Don't remember the last time it went out.

    Moreover, you can get the KAC CQB uppers. It's a simple solution. A local dealer has a couple complete KAC CQB SBR (ie, complete rifle). I buy the rifle and sell you the upper for $1675. He lets me take the upper upon payment. I just want the lower!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TexasAggies View Post
    KAC 11.5" has been purchased

    Figured all my KAC gear has been fantastic so no reason to change.
    good call

    i have both a cqb mod 2 and a 12" mrp and both are great guns but in that you can only keep one scenario i would take my cqb over the mrp

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    I run my 11.5" Mod 2 CQB with a dedicated 5.56 QDC.

    I consider myself a man of discerning tastes---if someone brings me the wrong wine or beer I will notice.

    However, I don't know how good my nose/eyes are but I can't really tell a difference between it and my 16" Mod 2 when it comes to "gas in the face" suppressed.

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