"The Internet" has been telling me about the CZ SP-01 and I am interested in the pistol. In my case, I am considering the 9mm. Clearly it is not a small CCW pistol, but it does look like it would a be a good pistol to hang off a decent duty rig. If it fits the bill, and if its mags can be used in a CZ 75 Compact 9mm, I may make the latter my CCW. My recent line of thinking is to get get a compatible pair of pistols (9mm) for concealed carry as well as tactical carry in the boonies. I am looking at the usual platforms too (FN FNS, Glock 17, 19, 34, S&W M&Ps), but the CZ name came up in various comparisons, and it seems to have a following.

This pistol seems to be a rare enough cat that holsters and such are not readily available for it. I am interested in a holster with some sort of good security locking system like the ALS/SLS, but Safariland has (yet) to make one, at least that I have been able to find using their selector. Some might consider that a clue as to how widely accepted the handgun is in actual duty circles, but I am still intrigued enough to look into things more. You know, before I get a Glock 9mm or two--the default, as it were.

If anyone has any information regarding good holsters like the Safariland 6354, please pass it along.

Mike Kelly