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Thread: Gerber LHR owners?

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    Gerber LHR owners?

    Anyone have one? This was supposed to be Gerber's attempt to bet back into "serious" knives. It got generally good reviews. Was designed by three well known knife makers, made of 440HC, it's a big drop point blade knife. Marketed a bit hokie as a "urban combat" knife it seems to well suited for general survival/camp/SHTF roles and a good pig sticker if needed for that. It comes with a well made and designed drop leg sheath with retention. It was discontinued a few years ago, much to the dismay of fans. It's developed something of a cult following and when they pop up on Ebay, sell for above MRSP.

    I'm looking in the museum gift shop and spot one, which apparently sitting there for years. With my discount, it was well below MSRP for me, so I grabbed it. At MSRP it sill seemed like a good deal. That is a price I would actually use it without freaking out it's being scratched up, etc. I don't actually have a big survival/camp knife, so I jumped. The sheath itself is well made and designed, but I'm not mil/LE or a ninja, so drop leg set up not what I need. I will be on look out for a more suitable for my needs. Any recs?

    My impression far is it's a well designed (very ergonomic handle), well made (made in the US and "semi custom") well balanced knife that finds a balance.



    One of my favorite knife testers beating the hell out of the LHR:

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