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Thread: "Precision Sniper Rifle Smart Scope"

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    "Precision Sniper Rifle Smart Scope"

    Anything available off-the-shelf that meets these requirements?

    "The objective of this notice is to identify potential sources including non-traditional defense contractors with Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS)/Non-Developmental Items (NDI) or sources who have the ability to deliver a functional and ruggedized PSR-SS prototypes within 12 months with the following features: first focal plane direct view optic rifle scope with continuous zoom from 3-6x lowest magnification range to 23-40x highest magnification range, integrated atmospheric sensors, weapon orientation sensors, and a real-time ballistic aimpoint solution displayed inside the scope's field of view with potential advanced capabilities of interest to include target tracking, wireless data transfer capability, time-of-flight wind dots, down-range wind sensing capability, or other fire control enablers that can improve target acquisition, and Time of Engagement (ToE). The functional PSR-SS prototype shall sustain weapon shocks and shall be less than 4.0 lbs total system weight which includes all the built-in features mentioned above, scope mounts, and batteries, and shall be less than 16.5-inches in length. The PSR-SS shall have the capability to interface with a Mil-Std-1913 and/or STANAG 4694 mounting rails, and import US Army fielded laser range finder (LRF) information via wired or wireless data-port. Submitted responses shall include developmental cost, and cost breakdown estimates for 2,500 possible production buys, technical manuals and/or operating instructions, technical specifications, and participant's capability to develop PSR-SS. Interested vendors shall include in their submission their capability to design and develop a PSR-SS prototype."

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    Wouldn't you think someone already has what they want and they are just going through the motions of entertaining bids.

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    I spent some time in government contracting and GH youíre pretty spot on.

    Not saying those requirements or the agency that owns that RFI/RFQ fall within this scenario, but... Iíve seen it more than I have not.

    We received more RFPís and RFIís from agencies that not only knew what all their requirements were (not always that well defined.) but knew the exact product they wanted to fill those requirements. Furthermore I have seen numerous times where the agencies requirements were just reworded product descriptions for the actual product they wanted. Sometimes they did not even wordsmith it. They literally copied the product description and features and converted those to requirements. Yeah. I think they called that loaded dice, fixed deck and numerous other shady terms. In other words, ops norm for the govít.

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