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Thread: M lok WML

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    M lok WML

    I am looking for a white light for my MP5 to mount on the side of the m lok rail. I want something compact and low profile so that throws out a surefire with m lok mount/adapter.
    I want something like the inforce WML (size and low profile) but with a m lok base. I feel it sticks out too far for this SBR once you add a rail then attach the light to the rail.

    Iíve been looking and canít find anything like this. Have Iíve overlooked something? BTW Iím fairly new to the m lok idea but I thought it was so you donít have to attach a rail then attach your accessories to.
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    The lowest profile set up with a Scout would be with one of these: http://www.frankproctorshooting.com/...l-mount-light/

    Tucks the light in closer than even the Unity M-LOK Fusion adapter. I use the PLM-D with an M300U with my CZ Evo with a chopped barrel (5" barrel).
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    Not everything mounts directly to the rail. You’re going to need a mount or pic rail section to mount a light to any gun. The standard is still picatinny so you’ve got to use that or an item specific mount.
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