Hope this is in the correct forum.

I've been wearing Native Bolder sunglasses for many years now, and liked them quite a bit. They have the bronze reflex lens. I like them, but they're getting pretty old, and I've been looking for something more casual. The Magpul Explorers seemed to fit the bill, and I got a good deal on them on Brownells.

Anyways, I bought the tortoise with the blue mirror and bronze lens. I was worried the mirror would be too blue, but it's not... I wouldn't say it calls attraction, and it's not as sharp of a blue as I've seen on fishing sunglasses. I have a large head and wide face, and they fit pretty good. The frame material is very nice. It has a more forgiving feel and more flexible than the Natives.

What I like most about the Explore is that the lenses do not change the color of the world looking through them. They provide a very neutral tint. I've been wearing them all week, including a camping trip to the Beartooths, and after wearing them so much, I do not like the Natives (whose bronze tint makes the world look very brown). The salesman on the Magpul forum answered a question for me about clarity and polarization. He stated that the polarization they use does not cutout LCD screens as much as other polarization films, and I was very skeptical, but its true. The Natives will make screens look either blotchy, or cut portions of the screen out (really bad on my vehicle's nav screen). The Explorers doesn't do that. Pretty cool.

I like them enough that I'm going to get the wrap version (Terrain, I think) sometime down the road. I'd also really love a pair of Explores with clear lenses that block UV and blue light for watching TV, computer, and nighttime use.