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I had one example of each, more than 4 years ago. For those single examples, the Razor was far behind the Mk6 in optical quality. Like an entire class down. My Mk6 was also great, the Razor was "meh" and behind not only the Mk6 but also a VX-6 1-6x I had at the same time.

Sometimes companies improve a product's quality without renaming it, and sometimes there are single bad examples, so I can't say what's true of one you might buy today. At the time, the optical quality and weight compelled me to use the excellent resale value and sell it.

There can also be differences in how people evaluate resolution and optical quality. I have never found a Nightforce NXS that impressed me, while many people think they are very good. I've found Steiner Military and Leupold Mark 4/6 series to be far ahead in optical quality, but that doesn't mean everyone would evaluate them the same way. By the way, this has involved hours of evaluation at a range of distances up to a mile in various lighting and weather conditions, but that doesn't mean I'm perfect or the final word on XYZ scope quality. Also, optical quality is not the last word, because durability, repeatability and feature set all matter a lot, and those are all positive for both Nightforce and the Razor. Best bet is for you to find a way to try out the scope for yourself.
My impression of the MK6 was stellar as well. Gathered light as well as my K16i at dusk. I compared them head to head one in each hand. My 1-4 NXS gathered light well, but had a LOT of what I term chromatic abberation, which I define as "purple haze around any sharp edges". The K16i has this too, but less so. The MK6 was almost absent this abberation. No hands on with the steiner.

I am leaning hard toward the NX8 due to footprint, though. You can always use it at 6x on bad days for the exit pupil (yay FFP), or 8x on sunny days from the bench, which I enjoy, too.