Years ago I bought thes target stands that are like 1/4-3/8 round steel stakes about 2.5 feet long. At the top there is a square 'collar' welded to the frame for a 1x2. About 2/3 down is an angled round steel at a welded 45 angle. You pound the stake in, put the 1x2 through the top collar and it rests on the 45degree catch. You have to space them correctly for IPSC targets, but they are really handy and versatile. IIRC, they were a lot less than standard "H" target stand and a lot lighter. No bent stakes, no bending over to ground level to pull up the target

I thought MGM made them, but I don't see them. I can't find them on the web or with searches. Anyone know of them?

Setting the spacing was always a bit of a trick, but they held targets even in high CO winds. Can't beat them for weight. I have 8 of them for four targets and I can easily carry them the targets and a hammer with staple gun.

I don't have them handy, but I'd like to add a few more.