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Thread: Trijicon reflex 1x24 optic & Matech rear sight compatibility at long range

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    Trijicon reflex 1x24 optic & Matech rear sight compatibility at long range

    Hey this is my first post to this forum, but I have a question about optics for my m4 clone. My rifle currently has the matech flip up rear sight which has elevation settings built in up to I think 600 yards. I plan on putting a trijicon 1x24 reflex sight on the gun in the same configuration issued by the military.

    I plan on zeroing the reflex sight for 50 yards, and the matech iron sights are obviously sighted in for 100 yards. I know that I can still use the reflex sight to shoot past 50 yards by noting expected bullet drop/rise, but would I still be able to use the iron sights at longer range (say 400 yards) without removing the reflex sight? I know that the reflex is mounted high such that the front sight post does not obscure the vision through the sight, yet you can still co-witness iron sights through it. This means that the iron sights should sit in the bottom third of the reflex sight picture at close range. Raising elevation on the rear sight physically raises the rear sight so it should still be able to "see" through the reflex sight, and the reflex "dot" is still zeroed at close range so it should sit low enough such that it is hidden by the metal rear sight. Is my reasoning correct in concluding that I should therefore still be able to shoot at far away targets with the iron sights through the reflex sight? If anyone has the same setup, have you tried this? Does it work well?

    For reference, I have the FN military collector m4a1 clone.

    Thank You

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    It'll work just fine. I previously had an Eotech and a Matech rear sight on a carbine. My astigmatism made the dot flare a little to one side, so for precision at farther ranges I used the irons. Also, I always left the Matech in the up position so that when I entered a brightly lit area where the dot wasn't bright enough, my eye would switch to the irons without having to even think about it.

    Oh, and why is the Matech "obviously" sighted in for 100 yards? That's not obvious at all, considering the settings on the sight, and your stated intention of using the range adjustments built in to it. But yes, the range adjustments will also work just fine looking through the red dot.


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