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Thread: Armalite DEF10

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    My DEF10 is what it's supposed to be. A fairly light, good handling .308 AR.

    You mentioned "hunting, shtf, and target". Your probably not going to get that from one gun. What makes the DEF10 a nice-handling rifle is the light-profile barrel. It's not a premium target barrel, but it will perform your other tasks just fine.

    Of course, you can always get a different barrel.

    Mine is a 1.75-2.0 moa rifle with factory quality ammo when cold. ( 5 shots) It's more like 2.5-3.0 after the first magazine. Add another moa for m80-type machine gun ammo. Note that I'm no great rifle-man and my barrel isn't free-floated. I just rest it on a sand bag and shoot from a bench when I want to see what it can do. (I hate bench shooting...so boring)

    I got mine thinking sort of like you. I like the rifle but think of the DEF10 (or other light-barreled .308 AR) as a 16 inch M4 mid-length gas carbine clone in .308. Expect similar accuracy.

    The different length magpul magazines give this rifle extra utility. If it's on guard-duty you may as well have a 25 rnd magazine in it. But for target practice get a couple ten round magazines for it. They really keep the rifle lighter and handier vs the big 25 rounder. They also make a 5 rnd mag for hunting.

    I only have two rifles these days. The Ar10 / DEF10 and a Beretta ARX100. If I could just choose which I like more I'd sell one and buy another of the other so I could just have two of the same thing. But I find it hard to part with either.
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