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Thread: PX4 CC vs CZ P07?

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    Quote Originally Posted by m4brian View Post
    True on PX4 for suppressors. If you think it is part of your future, pretty tough road with the PX4 line. Also, look at barrel replacement. I think it is a pretry expensive deal.
    Yeah, if you want to shoot suppressed don’t go with the PX4.

    As far as barrel replacement goes, it runs almost $300. New pistol ~$500. The stock barrel is very durable and chrome lined. E. Langdon put over 50,000 rounds through one. Checking with Lucky Gunner, it would cost me more than $7,500 to get that much ammo. None of this applies if you feel the urge to fit a “match” barrel. In that case the platform is poorly supported. I shoot matches with the stock barrel because I suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralph View Post
    ...I guess the better question would be, how many have had it happen while actually shooting? I've tried to get my P07 to do this, ... At this point, I think the issue has been resolved, maybe not to everybody's satisfaction, but,still, it's been resolved..
    Surely our friend is hacked. However, it is either a non-issue altogether for people like me, and/or one can 'upgrade' with parts that CGW thinks aren't really necessary. If indeed it was one guy, maybe two guns, with all the positive stuff on the web for several years don't let it stop you an a good hammer gun. Thee are many folks with many thousands of rounds who do not have this problem, and their guns show little wear also.

    OTOH, another great option is the SP 2022. Best OTB trigger available, SIG sight options, reliable, accurate, and not much to upgrade.
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