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Thread: Do NFA rules apply for SHTF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by georgeib View Post
    I've always thought that this wasn't the best idea. I mean, with the exception of a close family member, if you don't already have the sense to be armed, there is a very dubious advantage in arming you. Do you really want to arm people that didn't have the sense to arm themselves, AND learn how to become proficient with their weapons, before the SHTF? Do you really want these people armed, and on YOUR side?
    this is a good point, so you really need to know your neighbors. where i live, i trust no one to give my fire arms.

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    Building a non registered NFA sounds like trouble during the vast majority of the time that we are not in a natural disaster. Especially with the current crop of "pistol braces" out there.

    Doing a "pistol" build on an 80% lower seems like a much safer option.

    Some sort of community watch group seems to be most effective in these type of substations. Look at the LA riots and the Korean shopkeepers. I just have happened to finish Lt Nathan Fink's book One Bullet Away about his service in the Marines including and Afghanistan. He described the neighborhood watch groups that where set up after the invasion and those areas seemed to be relatively safer than other neighborhoods that did not have them. I recall another article in a similar disaster/war zone describing how they set up a watch and how they leaned on those with firearms and others to help provide security.

    I think there is a mythology of the lone wolf who will go and live in the mountains, etc, but personally I don't see that as sustainable.

    I would not however worry about the smaller details of carry laws during such a extreme event. Like in PA I cant have a loaded rifle while driving. That kind of stuff during that extreme emergency I would probably not worry about. If your not actively causing trouble you should be good.
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