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Thread: Talk me out of a 11.5" pistol

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegademiC View Post
    As I stated in another thread, i put the sf brake on, and with double ear pro, it didnt hurt my ears, but concussion rattled my brain- a 30rd mag would cause a headache.
    Same, I usually use double ears on with a pronged flash hider on rifles with 10, 11, 12" barrels, but at the end of the day, particularly in an enclosed range, the concussion starts to irritate my sinuses. Outside it's not so bad. I still try to use cans as a rule, my ears ring enough. Even though it doesn't physically hurt, long days add up damage-wise.

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    Talking you out of it....

    For indoor defensive use, the flash, noise, and concussion is too much unless you plan on dawning double hearing protection for you and the family when you utilize it when things go bump in the night.

    For outdoor use...

    Go for it!

    Which scenario are you using it for?

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