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Don't forget an economic collapse. Eventually Social Security and the welfare state WILL go broke (after they've robbed everyone of their financial assets, of course). When the EBT cards are empty, guess what class of society will start looking into home invasions for them great big rich houses near the golf course?

I like to tease anti-gun rich people all the time. They ask me why I need an AR15 and I tell them, "So I can come get your stuff when my welfare payment bounces." Most of 'em don't laugh. Wonder why?

(I'm kidding. I don't tell them that. Would love too, though).
An economic collapse is also a major eventuality and could be brought about from various factors; collapse of the petrol dollar/peak oil, aftermath of a world wide calamity (super volcano/pole shift/asteroid impact/ or any other ELE for that matter), man-made manufactured crisis see the crash of 1929, et al.

We only have a little over 6K years of recorded history with lots of blanks in between, history tells us that when a large number of people compete for a limited number of resources things get sporting. We're now at almost 8 billion mouths to feed on this planet, over population is a thing.