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Remove any aftermarket parts that are installed and return the gun to factory condition.
Clean and lubricate your gun and magazines per user manual.
Use the mags that came with your gun.
Use high quality ammunition.
Take a video of you shooting your gun. Focus on your hands, both sides of the gun.
Have a trained, practiced shooter run your gun. Report results, esp differences from your results.

It's a bitter pill, but it's almost always the shooter.

I haven't updated this in awhile, but FYI: https://www.m4carbine.net/showthread...ooting-Results

Another ~20 G19Xs are doing as well, as are the G45s trickling in.
Just read your write up, very good review. I should have mentioned in my gripe that gun did shoot amazing when I wasn’t dealing with the issues I mentioned. After reading further on here and other pages, the problem most likely does have to do with my grip on the gun while I was shooting and I know I wasn’t using the greatest ammo.

I have to decide how invested I want to get with this gun though, honestly. I enjoy my 17 over all my other pistols, i shoot it the most and have a good comfort level with it. We’ll have to see, I appreciate your advice though and will put it to use if I continue to have issues with this particular gun.