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Thread: Dumb Question: Browning Buckmark vs Ruger Mk4 22/45

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    I own and have used a Browning Buckmark a lot.

    I’ve had a very positive experience, but I’d probably go with the Ruger MK IV. I found the way the slide opens when shooting does burn the hands and put carbon on you if shoot a lot.

    Also, from what I’ve seen at least the Ruger is quieter as a host because it opens the port to the side versus an open bolt to both sides. Which with the increased back pressure from a suppressor will only intensify the carbon / occasional burns, etc.

    I’d go with a threaded barrel for the Ruger just in case you ever decide to suppress it you don’t have to go through an FFL to get a threaded barrel (Ruger used to serialize the barrel which made buying an aftermarket barrel even more of a hassle).

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    I have owned both and sold the Ruger. If you want a project gun that you can add tons of aftermarket parts to, go the Ruger route. If you want a solid shooter out of the box the Buck Mark is exceptional. I have the 4" threaded barrel Buck Mark and have to have at least 100k suppressed rounds through it. It has been phenomenal from a reliability standpoint. Having owned both the Buck Mark was more reliable over the Ruger. IMO I attribute this to the Buck Mark magazines.

    I agree with grizzman above that generally if the gun is going to be used to help new scooters you are going to want a heavier gun. Easier to shoot and allowes them to lean trigger press without as much movement in the gun.

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