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Thread: My G19 shoots left??

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    When i first switched, i shot low left, consistently (like 85-90 on a b8).
    As i improved my groups got tighter, higher, and “righter”.

    I switched to a red dot and after sighting in (same time frame I was shooting 85-90), my groups drifted high right as I improved. Stock sights were pretty much “on” at 25 (hit a little high).

    If your shooting >95, id say its consistent enough to move the sights, but that will be different for each individual, their skill, goals, etc.
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    If you are shooting groups under 3" at 25 yards, push your rear sight to the right. If the rear sight is not touching or hanging off the right side of the slide, don't worry about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by parishioner View Post
    Do glocks inherently shoot left?

    This is the rear sight on my 17.5 as it came, pushed to the right:

    It shot POA/POI for me, maybe a hair left but it was offhand not a bench.

    Mrgunsngear posted recently that his new G45 also had the sights pushed to the right:

    Makes me wonder if this is a thing.

    Does Glock zero from the factory?

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    Your rear sights are nowhere near as far right as I had to move mine before I changed the locking block. If I moved mine anymore it would've been hanging off the slide.

    ETA; only on my G19. My G22, G26, G27 and G34 are all normal.

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    Thinking about this, I wonder if the trigger bar geometry has any influence on pushing the gun left in your hand if your aren’t squeezing it in a vice grip? Take off the slide and look at how the transfer bar leverages the trigger shoe motion to actuate the firing pin. Just a random thought around mechanics.

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    There have been 2 Glocks that I’ve owned that haven’t shot left, Gen 5 G17 and the 19X. Every other Glock I have or had has shot left.

    I’ve not heard of the locking block being the culprit. I did have my current 19 Gen 3 shooting high for me. It was about 4” high at 25 yards. That was corrected by replacing the slide take down lever and spring.

    I can usually correct the shooting left by getting more finger into the trigger. However the easiest way for me to correct is adjust the sights slightly to the right.

    Quote Originally Posted by NYH1 View Post
    Alright, I have four Gen. 3 Glock's. All of them have Trijicon regular tritium green night sights.

    Three of them, my G22 (w/357 Sig and 9mm conversion barrels), G26 and G34 shoot ramrod straight, couldn't be more happy with them. Years of great shooting and great confidents carrying them.

    My wife bought me a G19 for Christmas. No matter what I do it shoots left, like 3 to 6 inches at 25 yards.

    I read an article that some Glock locking blocks can be out of spec and cause this problem. The guy in the article was having the same issue as I'm having. He replaced his locking block and now it shoots straight like they should.

    Anyone heard of this locking block issue?

    Thanks, NYH1.

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