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Thread: My dog -- Mr. Bones -- RIP

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    My wife has suggested and volunteered to put together an old-fashioned picture album with photos of Mr. Bones. We've never done that for any of our pets. She showed me a Polaroid (where'd she get that?) of our (then) nine year old son with our new puppy sitting between his feet. I had never seen it before.

    NOTE: My grandfather flew with the RAF in WWI, and was attached to the American 94th Pursuit Squadron as a military advisor. When he settled down in Hawaii in the 1930s, he had a collection of dachshunds named after German/Prussian military figures. My mother was never able to remember all their names, but there was a "Tirpy" (von Tirpitz), a "Willy" (Wilhelm II), and a "Bizzy" (von Bismark).
    'That whole effort was held together by sweat, shame, and a tiny bit of pride.' -- Son of Commander Paisley

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amicus View Post
    Thanks. I am going to wait a bit though. I want to appreciate all that he gave to me (and the family) before "replacing" him. It's pretty fresh; he only died two hours ago.
    Very sorry. When I stop and think about how good dogs really are, it is bewildering. I often think we don't deserve them, but I find comfort in giving them a good life.

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