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Thread: And This is How Civil Wars Begin....

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyLate View Post
    "Regular citizens have no authority to detain or arrest anyone."

    Patently untrue, regular citizens generally are allowed to detain a person who committed a crime, even a misdemeanor, in their presence. Regular citizens can arrest anyone with a felony arrest warrant in New Mexico as well.

    A person could make the case that a militia guarding the US border is constitutionally protected, that's pretty much the second amendment word for word.

    The fact that the ACLU immediately called the militia fascists is an indicator that the only liberties they are concerned about are socialist liberties.

    I do have to say, stumbling upon an armed pregnant Santa Claus wearing a black t-shirt could be scary...
    That is how Ranch Rescue got all jacked up. The key is to work in the grey area of the law. Never detain them and make sure you have a legal right to be where you are.
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    GOOD ... that's what WE THE PEOPLE are obligated to do when the guvmint won't and/or can't handle the job themselves.
    Never forget every word you spoke when you took your oath of office.

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