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Thread: Mercon 1-6X LPVO

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    Mercon 1-6X LPVO

    Does anybody have any serious hands on time with one of these yet? Link: https://www.merconoptics.com. How does it compare to the rest of the LPVO's in this price range as far as glass, magnification, illumination, etc?

    Mike aka Garand Thumb has one, but he hasn't done a review of it yet. @stickman has some glamour shots with them as well. What say you @stickman?
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    Interested as well. Always good to have another quality player in the optics department.
    I checked their website, can’t even find a pic of the reticle they’re using.
    I see the 1-6 has MIL adjustments which is attractive.

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    I have used one. The illumination is quite dim, but if you like the reticle it's not a bad optic.

    Oh, and it's purple. It would match those old Noveske lowers and Vltor uppers that had a nice purple tinge.
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