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Thread: Mossberg 930 Stainless Competition Piston Upgrade

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    Mossberg 930 Stainless Competition Piston Upgrade

    Most 930 owners especially competition shooters know that frequent cleaning is needed to keep the 930 running properly. The dual ring gas piston has been said to trap carbon in the gas cylinder, and cause function issues if the piston, and gas system are not cleaned often. The fact that the Mossberg 930 is the only modern gas operated shotgun that uses a dual ring piston was a huge tip that maybe the anecdotal evidence was right.

    Quite a few companies have emerged in recent years that produce products to improve the 930 reliability. They all succeed to various degrees. None have addressed the gas system issue directly. Until now. SBE Precision Products has just released The Mossberg 930 Stainless Competition Piston is a completely new single ring design using only the outer ring. The inner ring is replaced by gas grooves. Additional gas venting on the bottom of the piston reduces gas forced into the spacer tube. The result is reduced felt recoil, long cleaning intervals, and better scores on the course.

    This is after 2000 shells. zero Cleaning, and zero malfunctions

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    Couldn't find it on their site.

    Found them on ebay for $45.00 + $3.99 shipping.

    Mine works well enough with just the Or3Gun spacer tube, so I'll wait to see if I have problems down the road.
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