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Thread: Issues press checking and mags dropping free on MWS

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    Thanks for responses. All excellent ideas. Tried seating a round in the chamber and dropping the mag then press checking. Still had difficulty so it’s not the bolt hanging up on the mag or any other rounds in the mag. Actually never cleaned the internals of the rifle. Only lubed and shot it. Suspected chamber dirtiness might be playing a role. Will try adjusting mag catch, cleaning out the chamber and report back.

    So I just gave it a good scrubbing. Its got dual extractors so it must be the newer model. Fitting the pin into the extractor is a lot more difficult than I remember. After fighting with it for 20 minutes I knelt on my extractor to get enough pressure on it to finally fully insert the pin. Wish I was kidding.

    Still had issues with press checking. Seated a round and extracted, there are visible lines on the bullet once extracted so I assume thats from the lands.

    Am I incorrect? Is this normal?

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