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Thread: Question for NRA/CMP Highpower Shooters about Rifle Requirements

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    Question for NRA/CMP Highpower Shooters about Rifle Requirements

    I've been thinking of trying out High Power competition, hopefully with my current carbine and maybe later on with a build. I've been reading the rules and I'm fuzzy on the new handguard requirements. I've read in some places that it has to be a quad rail, others that there has to be a continuous rail at 12 o'clock with rails half the length at 3, 6, 9, and others that say M-LOK and Keymod are now acceptible. What handguards are allowed in 2018?
    My carbine is a BCM middy BFH government profile 16" barrel, A2 flash hider, Midwest Industries 12" M-LOK handguard, Bravo Sopmod stock, BCM grip, Raptor charging handle, ambi safety and mag release ( I shoot left handed to match my eye dominance), Leupold 1.5-4x20 optic. Besides switching to an A2 grip, is there anything on that gun that disqualifies it from service rifle competition in 2018? Also, are QD sling swivels allowed?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I'd say give it a try.

    CMP's 2015 rules change basically said any M16/AR derivative is now good-to-go. The fine arguing points of the rails is silliness.

    A GI A2 grip brings your carbine closer to an "As-issued" profile, while left-handed shooting mods are authorized.

    Only a chicken-shit line official will not allow a new shooter to give it a try with something that even remotely looks like a military-issued stand-in.

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    Yep at my local club I shoot something far into the ‘match rifle’ class and still outside the rules, a few guys run fully adjustable stock carbines, it really only matters when you’re competitive and qualified to regional and national competition. Go, shoot, if there is any question raised just tell them you’re just starting and really don’t care if your scores are official or not. Have fun. Get better, and decide what you want to build.

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