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Thread: First impressions, Strike Industries Modular Blade Sights

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    First impressions, Strike Industries Modular Blade Sights

    tl/dr version: thumbs up so far


    I replaced a 290RS with a G26 + Advantage Arms 22 bastard that I assembled from a bare frame a few months ago, and have been thinking about replacement sights since I got them. Not bad, but I have gotten used to the post-and-dot P245 stock sights (refreshed with nail polish over the years) and a set of straight eight-style Trijicons on my CZ 75, and love them both. The new Strike sights were priced right, showed up 3 days after the order was placed, and went on very easily.

    Pros - very clear sight picture, bright front blade works well, shot to POA/POI at 10 yards at the first outing. Being able to adjust the rear windage with a hex key and finger pressure for zero and Loctite after that is a nice touch.
    Cons - slightly taller than stock, no built in illumination

    The odd little ramp at the base of the rear notch was a head-scratcher until I was dry firing after the range trip. Depending on the lighting (direct overhead, from behind, or from front), it is either a lighter grey centering aid or a darker centering aid. Probably more of a curiosity and range aid than anything else, but it is growing on me.

    The AA 22 has their standard plastic adjustable sights, which present almost identically to the stock sights, with a slightly finer rear outline. Again, not bad at all, and perfect if you are training for standard sights on a full-caliber companion. Will probably do those next.

    Will update this if anything starts to go south, but very happy so far, especially for ~$50.
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