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Thread: New BCM AR Pistol

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    New BCM AR Pistol

    BCM has released their new AR15 pistol which uses the SB Tactical SBA3 brace. The SBA3 has been considered to be a pistol "brace" by BATF, and not a stock. BATF has gone back and forth, but finally came up with the conclusion is that there is no way to hold a pistol incorrectly, and that the stock can be shouldered. I would point out there are probably not many, if any, companies which want to tell customers they can use the brace in the same manner as the stock by putting it up to their shoulder. I don't blame the companies, as the BATF isn't looked at as "the kind and helpful agency" by anyone I know of.

    I would bring up a different point, and it is one I haven't heard of yet. I haven't shot an AR15 from my shoulder for over a decade. My AR15 is almost centered on my chest on the edge of my collar bone, and a crude measuring tape puts that over 5-1/2" away from my shoulder.

    With the above in mind, I have been working room clearing drills, and taking the BCM AR pistol out and about for different activities. It doesn't take much imagination to quickly see the AR pistol works as well as a SBR. The SB Tactical SBA3 brace is comfortable, and adjustable for length.

    Does a pistol brace actual do anything along the lines in which it was allegedly designed? I would say yes. A brace is designed to aid shooters, and those who are disabled, weakened, infirm, or elderly may all find issues with bringing a heavier AR to bear if needed. A brace has solid ability to aid those persons in ways they may not otherwise be able to shoot with the AR platform. I support this 100%, and in the same way I support the various laws for disabled persons which allow them to have a standard of living similar to their non-handicapped brethren.

    For those people who mock braces and look down on anyone who hasn't flagged themselves with the SBR taxstamp, I get it. Those of us who paid extra money for a right which is already guaranteed under the Constitution have every right to be upset. However, a pistol allows you to cross state lines without concern or notifications being made. A pistol is covered under your CPL/ CCW. An AR pistol configured correctly can do just about everything a SBR can do, and with the SBA3 brace, it can now do it without looking goofy.

    For those who are interested, it is my understanding that BCM will be offering the new SBA3 configured pistols in all of their shorter 5.56 and 300BLK lengths.

    * Note- Federal law does not all for the use of a VFG on a pistol.



    Board policy mandates I state that I shoot for BCM. I have also done work for 200 or so manufacturers within the firearm community. I am prior service, a full time LEO, firearm instructor, armorer, TL, martial arts instructor, and all around good guy.

    I also shoot and write for various publications. Let me know if you know cool secrets or have toys worthy of an article...

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    New BCM AR Pistol

    It’s a legitimate configuration for the AR platform, and SB Tactical makes some great braces. Certainly a lot easier to travel across a state line with a pistol than an SBR and waiting for a brace to arrive via USPS is oddly enough faster than waiting for stamp approval ATF.
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    I have an SBA3 equipped pistol and an SBR. The SBA3 pistol isn't the perfect substitute for an SBR, but it will do.
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