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Thread: Looking for a new 16-18 inch Precision barrel

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyLate View Post

    P.S. On the other hand, this thread is turning into a great resource for anyone looking for a better than average barrel.
    If we’re adding good barrel experiences to the mix... Proof, Centurion, and SMOS have all been outstanding for me with factory ammo. In a long range class last year, I had the 18” SMOS consistent from 70 to 700yds (black hills TMK). You can save $100 on the SMOS (Shilen blanks) by getting the same barrel in 16” rebranded at Oregon Rifle Works bringing it down to only $300 with block and tube and free ship.

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    I own a citizen arms 12.5 sbr and it prints 0.5 moa 5 round groups with black hills 77 grain smk. It's a craddock precision/criterion barrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stickman View Post
    Where did he go? He had a thread with loads of info where he answered all sorts of questions.
    I was wondering the same thing.. I didn’t realize he had left Faxon.

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