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Thread: Opinions on Ruger PC Carbine?

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    Opinions on Ruger PC Carbine?

    Figured this would be the best section for this.

    Since I've got a ton of Glock mags and I've always thought G should've put one out themselves... it makes sense to pick one up to me.

    Something fun when shooting steel (I don't have a pistol caliber long gun)

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    I have one and like it. I also have a Marlin Camp 9, which the Ruger is similar too. The advantages to Ruger are take down ability, threaded barrel, more durable stock, and Glock magazines.

    I mounted a Vortex Viper (Venom, Razor?) on mine. It will run a plate rack nicely.

    There is also a short section of pic rail on the bottom of the fore end that now has an offset flashlight.

    Definitely fun to shoot. And, matches are starting accommodate PCCs.

    If given a choice of 9mm AR or Ruger, I would almost go Ruger. The AR is nice to have the common manual of arms, but, for size/weight and efficacy of the round, I think the Ruger has a lot to offer.

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    I'm interested in it. But we need a pistol version to put cheek pieces on and such. Would also slow velocities for the guys with mufflers.

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    I know not to expect much - but what kind of accuracy are we talking about at 100m?

    geezer john
    jmoore (aka - BoneDaddy)

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    Mounted a Romeo 5 red dot from Sig and have 2000 rounds through mine. Lots of fun. That being said, after the 600 round mark started to get ftf/fte. Typically every 100 rounds or so a case fails to extract causing the bolt to stop in its tracks and prohibiting another round to chamber. American Eagle 115 and 147gr, Sig 115 and Blazer 115 and 124 as well as Win NATO have all been involved. I will say that Federal Syntech 150gr was never involved in any malfunction (400 rounds). That leads me to believe that heat may be a an issue. Meaning, when the rifle gets very hot, and it gets VERY hot after 300 rounds the probability of a malfunction seems to rise. Syntech is noticeably cooler.

    Have cleaned and lightly oiled three times and have asked Ruger for a Return Authorization that i received via email.

    I marked several new Glock mags to troubleshoot or narrow the cause and no one magazine was isolated.

    Having looked at the all of the Ruger forums and available reviews on Youtube reveal that i'm not alone with this problem. The Ejector on the Glock magazine well being the common denominator. One guy on Youtube fixed it by swapping out the Ejector from the spare Ruger Mag well. So it is beginning to look like after a period of time (600-1000 rounds) the ejector bends to the point of being unreliable.

    Update: no problems with the Ruger or standard Glock mags. NJ compliant 10 rounders seem to be the culprit on this rifle.

    Not sure whether i'm going to keep this toy.
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