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Thread: Back up optic placement?

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    Back up optic placement?

    Iím curious where people prefer to mount their backup micro dot/MRDS when running a medium power optic?

    Do you prefer scope tube/scope mount mounted or a 45 degree offset from the top rail (where many put their sights)?

    Which do you find faster? Which is more accurate? Which is more natural? What are the pros and cons of each position?

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    I thought about going with a red dot as a backup optic after adding LPVOs but decided not to spend the coin. If I did, I was going to use an offset 45 degree mount. One of the biggest draw backs is how high the dot would be if it was mounted on top of the scope. You’ll have like 3 inches of hold over on close range shots which is just weird. Offset keeps it somewhere close to normal holds with a 12 o’clock mounted dot.
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