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Thread: Vortex Razor HD II-E vs non-E

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wake27 View Post
    Thanks, turrets make more sense than the caps themselves. What would you say is as good or better at the same or less price?
    I don't really know your intended use or price range. But there have been many threads discussing this, and the short version is that the Razor 1-6x is definitely a good scope, but there are now several good options in the ballpark of price.

    Among others I would consider the Steiner T5xi 1-5x and the Leupold VX-6 1-6x. I've owned the latter, and thought it was as good or better optically vs. the Razor, and it weighs about half as much and costs less.

    Another option, which some might laugh at, is the current Burris XTRII 1-5x. Yeah, yeah, Philippines and all that. I owned it simultaneously with the Razor and a Mark 6, and I still own the Burris. I'm not saying it's 100% as good, but it's 90-95% as good for less than half the cost. They are currently $460 at Natchez, and if you don't need 6x or whatever incremental benefit the >$1k scopes have, it's a steal. (Before someone lectures me on theoretical durability comparisons, I have switched to Trijicon ACOGs on my "it must work" carbines, based on my personal use.)
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    I own the ATACR 1-8, Razor E 1-6, Kahles K16i, and at one point in time also had an NX8.

    The ATACR at maximum brightness is equal to setting 8 on the NX8. They both have the exact same illumination module, but the placement inside the NX8 is more efficient, leading to it being brighter. With that said, the ATACR is still brighter than the Kahles K16i, which is regarded as daylight bright. I would say the Razor at max is brighter than my ATACR, but not quite as bright as the NX8.

    As for 1x performance, the ATACR is significantly better than the NX8. It has the same effect as found on the Razor where the housing disappears, and there's very little distortion. The NX8 has some serious fisheye on the edges at 1x, and the eye box is much tighter (it almost feels like the NF NXS 2.5-10x24).

    At the current prices the Razor E (or even original model) is excellent. Nothing really compares at $1000-1400. I prefer the K16i weight/reticle, but now that the Razor E is within a quarter pound, I don't feel it's worth the additional $700+.
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    IMHO, Slippers and sidewaysil80 really summed it all up. No matter how much I've read online, they've distilled it down to essential truths. There is no perfect optic, be it red dot, LPVO, scope, irons or whatever; someone will find a nit to pick and post on a forum about it. I've become more and more realistic about the shooting I do and the ranges I have frequent access to. Then I compare the type of shooting I plan to do with the current data available: The Razor 1-6x24 is overwhelmingly favored in the 3gun world, the Razor 4.5-27x56 in precision rifle and Nightforce just won a .mil LPVO contract with their ATACR 1-8x.

    If anyone is looking to purchase a Razor Gen II-E, I have a spare one listed in EE with a Bobro mount.

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    I just bought a Razor-E from Europtic. Compared to the P4xi I was running before you can tell the weight difference so I personally would not want to go with the standard Razor at another 4oz heavier yet. That being said, this thing is AWESOME. I debated real hard about waiting and saving for a Kahles K16i, and while that might be my next optic, the benefits will need to be major for the price difference. Shaving down another 4oz to go to the Kahles might not be worth it for me even on a duty rifle. The glass is superb and the brightness is amazing. Its definitely worth the money.

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