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Thread: Ok, I'm getting another Steyr Scout.

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    That is most certainly a beautiful rifle Greg Bell. Those Steyr Scouts are classics, that are worth every penny. I do not own one, sure wish I did, but a shooting buddy of mine does. I ran a few rounds through his gun, and really was impressed at the quality "feel" of the gun.

    I own several bolt guns, and although they shoot well for me, none of them have the feel that his Steyr has. Ruger and others have done their best to replicate the Steyr, and even though they are fine rifles in their own right, they are not a Steyr.
    Good night Chesty...wherever you are.

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    I called steyr about the thread adapter not fitting in they sent me a new one in the mail with a return sticker for the old one —the new one fit perfectly.

    Unfortunately I noticed after zeroing the scope and getting the eye relief set correctly the low Talley rings just barely...I mean barely would not clear the bolt handle. So I am sending them back for mediums. Damn!

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