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Thread: Dan Wesson Valor or Vigil

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    Does anyone have any additional input on the DW ramped barrels? I know that in years past, other brands certainly had issues. OTOH, if anyone could get it right it would likely be DW? Any and all input appreciated, both reliability and durability. I love my Valor, but it is heavy. Would love to add an alloy frame to the stable.

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    Dont forget about the Silverback. It can be had in 9mm, 10mm and 45acp, has a ramped barrel, two-tone scheme ( bright slide and duty treat frame) and is given the same attention to detail during the fitment phase, same top shelf parts as the Valor. I have a Valor and Silverback and can attest, at least on mine, that SB is EVERY bit as nice as my Valor. In fact, the trigger on my SB may in fact be better.
    No, it's not lightweight but it's a damn fine pistol. It's now discontinued as it was a limited run but they're still out there and if anyone has a blued Valor they'd be willing to trade for a Silverback in 10mm holler at me.
    BUT, if it HAS to be between those two listed it has to be the Valor. It's a damned fine ass pistol a. Love both of mine.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone, I ended up getting a Dan Wesson Heritage 5 inch 45ACP this past Saturday. The Valor is no longer made, and I was concerned with long term durability of the Vigils alloy frame. Now I need to get magazines for the gun, what say you guys and gals on the brand magazines to get. My dealer carries Mec Gar brand 1911 mags, 8 round with the polymer/metal follower.

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    20180822_152203.jpg I have both a Valor in 10mm Auto, and a Vigil Commander in .45 ACP. Love them both, don't think you can go wrong with anything by Dan Wesson. 20180927_175822.jpg
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