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Thread: SELFIE DEATH At My Building !!! :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moose-Knuckle View Post
    I could see how that might be, but for some I imagine it is a "labor of love". My kiddo loves the Thomas the Tank cartoon, in between the animated shorts is real life footage of the old steamies operating to this day on the British Rail. There's lot of behind the scenes footage of the various workman in the yard and at the steam works. Hell, I wouldn't even have to ride them out I could just work on them and I'd be as happy as a kid in the proverbial candy store.
    The reality of the RR industry is not so glamorous. First of all most of us in train, yard, and engine service work on call 24/7/365. I do get time off at my discretion so long as I donít exceed 25% unavailablity. The downside is I work at night, probably the vast majority of the time but can not predict accurately what time or even what day I will be working. I miss most weekends, a lot of holidays, and now with a 1 year old son a lot of his milestones.

    The work itself is rarely satisfying to be honest, not these days with an industry wide obsession with cost cutting and fuel conservation. Unless I get called for a Z train (super high priority freight like UPS), which we donít regularly have on my route, there is no getting with the program and hauling ass. Those days are long gone sadly. Now itís just a suck fest of running right at the bare minimum scheduled horsepower per ton, usually around .6-.9 HPT effective on loaded coal trains, and isolated locomotives, and throttle limit restrictions on everything else. I thought maybe Iíve just gotten a bad attitude, but every now and then dispatch has to move trains (which they would love to actually be able to do too) and get word to have us put everything on line and run; gotta say itís still fun and rewarding to high ball properly. Just exceedingly rare.

    So we putz around at idiotically low speeds, beating the living crap out of the locomotives we can use, just to ďsaveĒ money on fuel. Instead the carrier pays us overtime, and gets to spend extra $$$ on maintenance for all the locomotives that go down. I have a photo (taken after securing the equipment and suspending service because we were out of time) of a crankshaft on a two stroke V16 EMD 710 series that must have spun a rod bearing and then managed to cut the rod journal up to the point it twisted itself in half. Pretty impressive mechanical carnage. Made for a very long day, and who knows how big of a repair bill. The company doesnít care, theyíre saving money on fuel... the total financial picture is not considered.

    When my employer isnít thinking up stupid shit to try out and make work miserable, theyíre trying to cheat money from employees, ignore contracts, and screw customers. They also are trying real hard to screw over some widows of my former track coworkers who got killed after being ordered to work on a switch, but werenít afforded blocking protection in that block. They were then struck and killed by two of my other coworkers on a train. Canít delay trains you know, the big wigs in Ft. Worth wouldnít like that. I sincerely hope they lose that lawsuit, sounds like depositions are going very very badly for the company. Good. Iím pretty pissed about that still. They preach safety unless it means delaying trains, or spending money.... then itís just cheaper to blame the crew or the deceased in the event of a fatality.

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    This thread derailed.

    Hereís another one.

    Can we get on the right track?

    I think youíre out of your limits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Outlander Systems View Post
    In 2014, a RDS and a WML are pretty much mandatory for a defensive long-gun.

    Lights are way easier to fire up than NODs when rolling out of bed.

    Quote Originally Posted by SJC3081 View Post
    You should have your balls removed for posting such stupidity. This is not the other site...

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    *groans* Dude, those were Fartjar-level stinkers...
    You really have to ask why Conservatives have guns? Because Liberals block freeways, burn cities, throw Molotov cocktails, loot, turn over cop cars, and think this behavior is Socially Acceptable.
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