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Thread: Ruger PCC Cleaning

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    Ruger PCC Cleaning

    I never had a firearm that required tools to disassemble for cleaning until this Ruger PCC. You damned near need a tool box to take everything apart to get to the bolt. I've always been a meticulously kind of guy as far as cleaning goes after every range session but with this carbine, I don't see that happening. I also don't want to wear out the screws from constantly disassembling it. I'm considering just cleaning the barrel only after every range session and just calling it a day and only getting to the bolt when absolutely needed. Maybe once every 6 months.

    Question.... What's the longest you've gone without cleaning your Ruger PCC?

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    Disclaimer i dont own one

    Honestly for a blow back gun like that i think your on the right track thinking that you will just be putting extra wear on the fastners, i would just not clean it chances are it wolnt give you problems for a really long time if ever and you won't hurt it (pure speculation)

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    ETA - I don't own one. Hopefully someone that does can share their experience with you.

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