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Thread: Yippee! Finally! A semi auto that works out of the box!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arik View Post
    Whats going to happen to a stainless steel gun that gets shot occasionally?

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    Well, potentially rust, increased wear, and reduced reliability, but the way you stated it came across like it was on purpose.

    Makes more sense now that you explained it.

    To the OP, I hope you clean the guns and lube them before shooting for the first time.

    Edit- this thread is a great example where the “buy a g19” mentality comes from.
    How much time an money was wasted on different handguns and calibers for “looks”, “price”, “power”, “fits my hand”, “[insert reason for not buying common , reliable 9mm handgun]”.

    Buy a g19/M&P/Sig, when you wear it out, decide if you want to replace it with something else or not.
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    I am concerned by a 4"group at 7 yards.

    My P07 put 100 rounds into a group slightly bigger than 2" at 25 yards.

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    OP does indeed clean his guns, and keep them lubed well with CLP, first time, every time.

    Re: running semi autos dry. Not a good idea. Reliability, increased wear--metal parts are designed to be lubed. You can run an AR dirty as hell (I mean with combustion products, not extrinsic sand) and it'll keep running indefinitely, as long as you hose it down with CLP. I run all my guns wet.

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    Wow.......a lot to read here.

    Glad you like the M&P, I surely wouldn’t call it an improved Glock. It’s an improved Sigma, which was a horrible pistol.
    I’ve never had a semi auto pistol that hasn’t run straight out of the box.
    Proper Planing Prevents Piss Poor Performance.......

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    Guess I must be lucky, I have about 20 handguns and 30 long guns and buy or trade 3 to 6 different ones a year.

    It's no surprise the four Glocks I've bought over the year were all good out of the box, even that gen 4 G19 that threw brass in my face.

    But I also have some cheap stuff too that's run right. Even my Kel Tec P-32 hasn't given me any trouble.

    I did have a few that I never could get to run reliably. A Kahr PM45 that still jammed occasionally after 500 round break-in.

    A Just Right .45acp carbine with even more rounds downrange and countless mods, would occasionally misfeed.

    Even a S&W mod. 681, bought VERY used unlike the ones above, would occasionally lock up, even after two trips to the gunsmith. Guess that's why it was so cheap!

    The absolute worst POS was a Diamondback DB380. A co-worker bought one, bragged about it enough I bought one too. After 300 rounds the trigger bar broke and during all that it NEVER ran thru a complete magazine without jamming at least once, maybe twice. Every time I took it to the range I came back bleeding, either from slide bite (only gun to ever do that to me, not even a Browning Hi Power bit me) or from or from trying to clear a jam. When it stopped working it was almost a relief, like a curse had been lifted and I could walk away from it.

    If a thief ever breaks in to my house and all I have is a DB380 I'd toss it to him and go look for a baseball bat or a 2x4 while he wastes his time trying to fire it.

    The only firearm I had to ship back to the factory was a Kel Tec CMR-30 .22mag carbine, first trip out and the bolt came loose from the carrier after less than 100 rounds. KT shipped it back on their dime and got it back to me in two weeks and hasn't had a problem since.

    The worst self inflicted malfunctions were with a brand new RIA Tac II 1911. Bought it at a local shop that also had an indoor range, took it right back to a lane bone dry and every other shot was a jam. Finally had enough sense to take it to the clean/lube station and dropped some CLP in it, ran like a sewing machine after that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegademiC View Post
    ...Edit- this thread is a great example where the “buy a g19” mentality comes from...
    Interestingly, the only modern pistol I’ve owned that had any significant issues was a Gen3 Glock 19. It would fail to eject every 30-40 rounds or so. No amount of parts-swapping would make it behave as a good Glock should.

    No brand-hate here; I have a dozen Gen1-4 guns that run like sewing machines. But nothing made by human hands is perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RHINOWSO View Post
    Remember that old saying... if something keeps happening to you... YOU might be the problem...

    I think you're on to something here!


    Take nothing I say personal, remember....it's just the interweb!

    RIP AC!

    New Yorkistan sucks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frailer View Post
    No brand-hate here; I have a dozen Gen1-4 guns that run like sewing machines. But nothing made by human hands is perfect.
    Well said. The most reliable pistol Iíve ever owned and most unreliable pistol Iíve ever owned were both Glocks. The difference is that Glock has a pretty good track record and my Gen 4 41, and itís tendency to FTE about 5-6 rounds/box, was the exception, not the rule.

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