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Thread: Vertical Stringing when Suppressed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randall View Post
    Im thinking it is the threads as well. Between the new MD, and the suppressors working fine on “Rifle B”, I don’t see how it can’t be related to the barrel in some way.

    At this point I’m honestly tired of messing around with it and just want it fixed.

    I haven’t ever needed a gunsmith to get work done before. I know I’ve seen ADCO mentioned, with positive feedback if my memory serves me right.

    From ADCO, I can get the barrel cut and threaded for $75. The problem with this is that I have a 9” barrel with an 8” rail. Cutting could prove to be an issue as there is only 5/16” space between the rail and the suppressor.

    ADCO also offers replacing destroyed threads for $155.

    “We turn down, thread, and install new threads just like we do with the threaded extension service. This way you keep the barrel length.”

    Im not a machinist in the slightest. Is there any downside to having them replace the threads vs cutting and threading? (Other than monetary of course)

    I would recommend against the Re-machining of the threads no matter who was doing it. I dont know how ADCO does it, but I would guess like other shops. In short, They probably install a sleeve over the original cut threads after dressing them up then cut the sleeve concentric to the bore. The reason I recommend against this, is with a suppressor it has pull from the gasses and isn’t just holding a muzzle device on the end of the barrel. This pull is the same reason police SBS shotgun barrels aren’t threaded for choke tubes. Most shoot buckshot and slugs with police guns, which each shot is trying to strip the choke out the barrel. This causes eventual galling of the threads. But with the suppressor the force in on the thread external the barrel instead of like the choke internal the barrel.
    I do not think the sleeve is as strong as original threads and the price for labor and shipping is closing in on a new barrel.
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    In 2014, a RDS and a WML are pretty much mandatory for a defensive long-gun.

    Lights are way easier to fire up than NODs when rolling out of bed.

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    You should have your balls removed for posting such stupidity. This is not the other site...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ace4059 View Post
    I do not think the sleeve is as strong as original threads
    That was my worry.

    I think I’ll give ADCO a call tomorrow to touch base and see what they say.

    Assuming that is correct, if I went the cut and thread method, I would have to buy a shorter rail to accommodate the reduced length. The cost of this process would roughly be equal to buying a new barrel as well.

    The new barrel seems like the easiest option, with the only caveat being the possibility of the new barrels threads not being concentric.

    I don’t think the chance of this is great, but a post by ADCO on arfcom by bigbore, says “Finding a SBR barrel that is close to concentric is next to impossible”. It's an old post but he goes on to say that Noveske barrels concentricity is most of the time nearly perfect, BCM’s is generally pretty good, DD is pretty good, etc. This has me debating getting a 16” barrel and cutting and threading it so I know for sure.

    But then, the other part of me just wants to cross my fingers and buy a new 9” barrel, break down the upper, build it back up, and hopefully be done with the matter.

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    Everything else has been ruled out. It's the barrel. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a barrel, especially if it was Cold Hammer Forged. The bore itself could be non concentric in a couple of different ways that would require a more thorough investigation to find than anyone is going to invest time in.

    You could buy your own tools for diagnoses for the future, ala an alignment rod. That's not a bad idea for suppressor use anyway. But I'd say just give up on the current barrel and buy another one. It's just not worth the headache if a new threadjob fails to solve your issue.

    In the age of internet experts, product makers are bombarded with complaints from belligerent idiots, and just aren't equipped to handle it. They achieve Peak Assholisivity and stay locked on, ready to dismiss the next asshole. By the time you get to them with a valid problem, every hammer looks like a nail and they're living with a mouse in one hand and tie-die squirrel blowup doll in the other, alternately scream crying and rage biting said doll and your barrel is getting "inspected" directly from the "In" shipping box into the "Yes, I ****ing checked it and IT'S FINE" box. But with all of the ****ing, and none of the checking.

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